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Welcome to impact4sales. An online-training program with a full size VIDEO LIBRARY to improve your B2B sales performance. You learn about all elements of sales effectiveness, understand how to put the pieces together and use them with a clear structure for your advanced sales approach. Available at your own pace and in your own space.

The introduction video below shows you two things:

1. The content of the free test package, compared to our range of different pricing plans: Starter, Plus and Premium.

2. A definition of sales and how it is developed to state: Selling is to discover the general and personal motivations of your partner and satisfy these to mutual benefit.


Selling means to motivate your partner to sign a deal with you. How you motivate your partner depends very much on your communication. With the impact4sales training program you learn about sales effectiveness based on your behavior and how to optimize your communication skills.

With this TEST PACKAGE, you receive the first  several lessons from our video library FREE. The lessons cover communication basics and you learn how to build tools you can directly apply in your next sales meeting. The free videos give you an excellent insight about how the learnings at impact4sales are presented and structured and you gain a perspective of what to expect in the additional packages.

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In this free test package, you learn about the following topics:

Modul 1 - Communication Skills - Basics

Lesson 1: Success Factors
Lesson 2: Basic Principles
Lesson 3: Body Language plus Voice
Lesson 4: Communication Model
Lesson 5: Responding to Change

Modul 2 - Communication Skills - Tools

Lesson 6: Positioning
Lesson 7: Question Types

Here is a brief content description of the first 7 free lessons from our video library:

1: Success Factors

There are four success factors for good communication. 1. Strategy, 2. Attitude, 3. Behavior, and 4. your mindset. As per our definition of sales, the strategy is to find the general and personal motivations of your partner and satisfy these to mutual benefit. The goal is to generate a win-win outcome. That depends very much on your attitude and mindset, which are expressed in your behavior through your way of communicating. This lesson will help you to understand the success factors, which builds the basis for your effective communication. (5:35 Min.)

Lesson 2: Basic Principles

One of the principles is that you cannot not communicate. Youare continuously sending signals. Even when you don’t say anything, you are communicating. You use two types of channels, verbal and non-verbal. In this lesson we analyze the impact of the various channels you are using and we make you aware of how to optimize your impact. Another principle addressed is the quality of the relationship, and the third principle is the mirroring between two communication partners and how to deal with it. (3:08 Min.)

3: Body Language & Voice

You learn how body language combined with voice can optimize your communication. We state that without body language, the daily social interactions are meaningless. In Lesson 3 we go into details of body language in a business setting, which by the way, is also applicable in very many every-day-life situations. You learn about posture, gestures, eye contact, mimics, and of course, the voice. You will learn how the various communication channels can be used, combined and how they are weighted. (9:25 Min.)

4: Communication

We all know from our own experience that what is said is not necessarily what is heard. We visit a communication model, which is a widely used model and has high practical relevance.You will learn to understand how a message is perceived in four different ways. This will help you to be more sensitive with your communication. With this model, you learn how to listen more precisely and how to manage your responses. The lessons covers the model in theory and there is a practical example for your illustration in real life. You also receive tips for a more effective communication. (6:14 Min.)

5: Responding to Change

You learn about two types of people and how they respond to change. They each have a certain mindset in their DNA. This is not to say that one is right and the other is necessarily wrong. It depends on the situation – yet there is often a natural< behavior with hesitation or even rejection upon change. In this lesson, you observe yourself and become aware what type of person you want to be in which situation: Do you want to fight the change, or do you want to embrace the change? You learn about the problem thinker and the solution thinker, which is demonstrated with a business example. (5:50 Min.)

6: Positioning

In this lesson, you will learn how to develop convincing arguments to motivate your client to buy from you. First, we visit the positioning statement and then introduce development guidelines so you can generate your own positioning statement. This is one of the tools we build to complete a toolbox that is directly applicable in sales meetings. To complete the lesson, we also compare the Positioning statement with Value Proposition and Mission Statement. PDF-downloads are included in this lesson. (8:48 Min.)

7: Question Types

Smart and appropriate questions are an important element of targeted communication. This lesson is the 2nd tool for the toolbox. You will learn about different types of questions. Among the many potential questions, we focus on the ones that are relevant for sales and show some examples. This esson is the basis for the next lesson, Questioning Techniques, and includes PDF-downloads for your continued learning.
(6:11 Min.)
Lesson 7 is the last lesson of the free package. If you upgrade to the next level, the toolbox (Module 2) will get completed with:

Lesson 8: Questioning Techniques

Lesson 9: Active Listening

These two elements are crucial to move on to the 7-Step-Sales-Process which is trained in Module 3 in the packages Starter, Plus and Premium.
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