Dear aspiring Impact4Sales valued member, 

I’m Richard

First and foremost, I appreciate you taking the time to learn about me, my team, and why we founded IMPACT4SALES.

Since 2004, when I started my first own company and became a consultant, I have experienced firsthand the frustration of falling short on sales.

I consider a company's sales department to be its sole profit center. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I was surprised at how often employees don't understand where a company's money comes from.

Despite what some managers may claim, not all of their choices are based on what the customer wants.

Furthermore, due to pressure from their bosses, including myself, sales staff are frequently focused on making the sale rather than the PERSON MAKING THE PURCHASE. As a result, salespeople struggle to close deals effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, because sales is a soft skill, it’s more difficult to train and learn compared to common academic topics.

This means that sales department managers must either hire salespeople with a lot of people experience and true empathic values or spend a lot of time and money training existing salespeople. 

Reduced revenue, having to follow up personally and rectify client cases on a regular basis, and running behind schedule is NOT a good environment for professional development, especially when combined with a lack of time and resources to train staff.

Thus, salespeople are greatly demotivated by the lack of progress, and their job satisfaction plummets. The company's potential and the sales team as a whole take a hit. I wouldn't be where I am now without those setbacks and the lessons I learned from them. Let me explain a little more about that; here's a quick rundown:

It all stemmed from my true passion, which is service to others, and people leadership based on behavioral awareness, driven by genuine empathy!

After nearly two decades of formal and informal training in engineering, economics, psychology, goal achievement, leadership, and high-performance sales, I realized that the transition from sales knowledge to developing sales skills is severely lacking in support, development, and leadership. As a result, not only are entire corporate sales departments experiencing record levels of burnout but sales staff are not being mentored or properly trained to their full potential!

The devil, if you ask me, is in the details: Communication Skills. Sales teams are missing out on so many incredible opportunities if they don't understand how the details build the big picture.


This is why we developed the IMPACT4SALES program!


Each lesson builds on the previous one, resulting in a powerful transformative learning and skill improvement process. This training course consists of 30+ online sessions in which I teach salespeople the important and relevant details they need to excel in their profession. Since we aren't concerned with selling a specific product or service, we're not limited to any particular industry.

We focus on the PERSON making the purchase.

Your partner for successful
online-training for sales staff

Structured training to manage the sales process
effectively and efficiently

  • Step-by-step training that is simple to learn

  • Toolbox that is easily applicable

  • Online video library with unlimited downloads

  • Train at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want.
  • On-field success

  • Builds knowledge and applies it to skills

  • Generates win-win outcomes

  • Boosts profits over the long term.

  • Industry-neutral, applicable to both products and services

  • Focuses to the buyer rather than the product

  • Individual Q&A by eMail

  • Supported by individual online coaching

The job of a business-to-business salesperson is not easy.
However, you can become a skilled and authentic salesperson with
proper training and turn your conversation partner into a business partner.

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