T&C for Level FREE

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FREE Program - for testing

The first few lessons of the impact4sales online-training program with access to the VIDEO LIBRARY to improve your B2B sales performance. For free. You learn about elements of sales effectiveness, understand how to put the pieces together and use them with a clear structure for your advanced sales approach. Available at your own pace and in your own space. This gets you ready for the STARTER program, which you can access after completion of the free lessons.


T&C for Level FREE

Membership Fee:

Membership does not expire and access to lessons remains until two weeks (14 days) after download, unless you opt for extension, see below.

Upon sign-up, immediate access to lessons 001 – 007 for a period of two weeks at zero cost. This is the complete Module 1 and two lessons from Module 2. After two weeks, access to these lessons is no longer granted.

If you wish to extend access to the FREE lessons with your Membership Account, a fee of 15 $ is charged for additional two weeks, please click here for your extension.

Upgrade to complete program:
If you wish to upgrade to the STARTER level and get access to the complete Modules 1 – 3 immediately, please click here for the STARTER Level.