Corporate Sales Trainings

Corporate Sales Trainings

Unleash the untapped potential of your sales team

Don’t settle for average. An intensive, no-compromise approach to rapidly improving your sales team's performance
through the best in-person, blended, and online training.

Tap into your organization’s most valuable asset - your team performing at the highest levels in sales.

The online sales training course by IMPACT4SALES is designed for individuals training at their own pace. Yet the experience stems from dozens of corporate sales training courses conducted in the USA and in Europe with various global corporations.

Leaders Trust Our Onsite

Corporate Sales Training Experience

Clear the Darkness
for Your Sales Team

If your team lacks behavioral awareness and effective communication skills for a successful closing, you're hurting your numbers. It’s not all their fault.

The 7-Step-Sales-Process is exactly what they need to achieve their targets.

Success in reaching sales targets depends on your sales team's performance and current knowledge turned into skills.

We believe that to succeed in a competitive market, it is only the salespeople who make the difference. Specifically, the salesperson who makes the difference is the adequate one, even in a commoditized market environment where everybody tries to push prices down.

If you could improve the individual capability, confidence, and performance of every salesperson in your sales department, it would significantly impact to your corporation.

This B2B sales training goes even further, equipping everyone to increase the effectiveness of the whole sales team.

Maximize the impact of your company's finest hour!

Are you seeking to uplift your sales staff and land a corporate deal?

If you need one or more of your salespeople to improve their sales results but don't know where to begin, this is the closest you can get to corporate sales training that makes an impact.

Your organization cannot succeed without a team of inspired and skilled salespeople working towards the same goal.

More than ever, sales teams struggle with effective communication, missed sales goals, and lost opportunities.

Corporate sales training is one of the most effective ways to improve your team's sales performance, even though it is a skill that most salespeople lack and that most organizations can improve on.

You may be the head of sales, the director of the sales department, or an HR manager on the lookout for applicable skills training for your sales team.

Consider Impact4Sales the transformation toolkit your sales team has been waiting for. Immerse your sales team in the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed with practical virtual sales training courses supported by a progress tracker and accountability checkpoints where they can track their learning.


us to discuss your individual program ideas for your corporation


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A "typical salesperson" would be, for example, a manager in a consulting or advisory firm who manages a specific service project for a client. Their business card does not include "sales" in their job title.

However, during the client collaboration, there are numerous opportunities to evaluate future projects, which can be new or follow-up projects. When the project manager fails to see and capture the client's signals for additional project work, he has failed to fulfill his sales role, and his team or firm will not be retained for additional business. Furthermore, he is unlikely to advance to the level of partner within the firm.

IMPACT4SALES offers four options for corporations

Our sales training programs cover every stage of the sales process and are available face-to-face, fully virtual, or in a blended learning experience

1. Corporate deals for ONLINE Training based on the existing course program


Fully supercharge your teams with our existing comprehensive sales training. Available immediately. 

Connect to discuss a corporate package based on your volume needs.

2. ONLINE Training Course specifically designed for your corporation


We care about what's important to you. We work collaboratively to discover your needs, and we'll tailor an online course program for your sales staff.

We ensure that your training delivery achieves the same success as in-person delivery.

3. Company specific ONSITE Training Program


We understand that finding your team's right sales training program can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Whether you're looking for SaaS sales training, financial advisor sales training, medical equipment sales training, sales training for insurance agents, or even real estate sales training, we can help. We focus on the person making the purchase.

A highly customized training course program will be taught to groups of up to 20 participants per class. Usually, a program like this consists of 3-8 training days, spaced out over a period of 2-4 months to produce sustainable results.

This approach will have the most long-term impact on your sales team, and face-to-face instruction allows participants to ask questions of the instructor, work through specific scenarios, and participate in role plays that mimic real-world sales situations.

Hybrid version (combined onsite and online) are additional options.

Our trainings can be expanded to team-building exercises and individual potential assessments upon request.

4. Academy Building and Train the Trainer Programs


Maybe you have an in-house-Academy or in-house-University already and wish to add new training programs. Or maybe you plan to build a such academy as service provider for your corporation and wish to build a team of lead instructors for sales. There are several different angles and approaches to such endeavors, and different hierarchy levels in the organization need tailored program involvement with the goal to translate the corporate strategy to the execution level in sales. Connect with us to discuss your situation, ideas and plans. We love to work on such larger collaborative projects. We infuse additional life into the corporate strategy by guiding with tactical actions to result in measurable improvement of sales results.


Committed to Exceptional Results

The results obtained by our clients are not the result of chance.
They are the result of the tried-and-true Seven-Step-Sales-Process.


Committed to Exceptional Results.

The results obtained by our clients are not the result of chance.

They are the result of a tried-and-true seven-step sales process.

Y. Wong

I had the great pleasure of attending tailor made in-house seminars at our subsidiary. I found the course material very relevant and informative and strongly recommend Impact4Sales to any person even in tangent sales functions. Great job, thanks a lot.

Cargo Management Specialist

Ruben A. Sanchez

When I became manager, I was afraid of sales, struggled and failed in new acquisitions quite often. After this training, I understand why I had failed. Today I have developed an applicable toolbox, acquired new knowledge and built a skillset that gives me a clear structure and stability. Now I truly enjoy sales meetings, which result in successful closures more often.

Auditing Services

L. Y.

I have learnt how to truly listen and observe myself. Now I can even build arguments and motivate prospects to purchase despite lower competitive prices. I experienced excellent personal development.

Tax Advisory Services

Drive change and results in your sales department
through Impact4Sales training

Companies spend thousands of dollars on sales training each year,
yet nearly 90% of sales training programs fail to have any long-term impact.

It doesn’t have to happen to you.

Within a corporation, we all know that teamwork makes the dream work.
When your staff’s skills are sharpened, diversified, and balanced, their work-life balance will be optimized.

Staff retention, loyalty, and positive team culture will skyrocket!
We believe that this shift is one of the most critical missing ingredients to a happy, healthy, and productive sales department!
In addition, the positive impact can be measured by increased revenue.

Impact 4 Sales
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